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At GROWSaaS, we're not just another marketing agency - we're your dedicated partner in SaaS success. With a laser focus on the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry, we bring extensive experience and deep expertise to the table. Our team is comprised of SaaS marketing specialists who understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with promoting SaaS products and services.

The Management Team

Arno Schambach

Co-Founder, COO

Born and  raised in northern  Germany, holds a Diploma in Business Administration with the focus on Marketing & Technology Management and Business & Legal Informatics. Arno has been a former managing director of a PR, SEO & Marketing Agency specialized in the IT & high-tech industry for more than 14 years.

Patrick Wings

Co-Founder, CMO

Originally  from Germany but living abroad since 2013. Holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business  Administration with a focus on International Business  & Strategic Marketing.  More than 15 Years experience in  B2B Marketing buidling and scaling SaaS-Businesses (0 - 3M ARR). Former VP Marketing & Sales, General Manager.

Thomas Lehua

Head of Technology

Born and raised in Slovakia, Tomas holds a degree in Software Engineering. Focus on web design, web application development, and software architecture . Seasoned Senior with more than two decades of vast experience in his field  and  the SaaS-industry

Successful teamwork is the key to success and we consider ourselves the extended arm of your marketing team. Ensuring seamless collaboration with our customers and clients is our utmost priority. To achieve this, we employ top-tier video conferencing software, user-friendly project management tools, and exclusively utilize the most effective and reliable digital resources available. We strictly follow the motto - What we can not  measure, we can not improve. 

Our Approach
& Process

The global landscape has undergone significant transformations in recent years, and remote work has emerged as the prevailing norm, with widespread adoption of online video conferencing platforms, project management applications, and an array of digital tools. We leverage the most efficient tools to facilitate collaboration with our customers and clients. We value open and candid communication, recognizing the mutual benefits it brings to both parties.

Collaboration &  Communication

  • Our journey together starts with an initial video call to introduce ourselves, and to understand the clients goals, objectives, requirements.  

  • Based on the initial video call, GROWSaaS drafts a detailed quote containing deliverables, timeframes and financial and contractual information for the client

  • Once, the contract is signed with the client, GROWSaaS starts to prepare a workspace for collaboration based on the final agreed on projects, tasks and prepares the Kick Off meeting.

    The client and all involved persons are invited to the Kick Off to discuss next steps and execution of agreed on tasks and projects.

  • After the kick off work starts! A dedicated Account Manager from GROWSaaS ensures that all agreed on tasks and projects are added to the collaboration workspace including due dates, assignees, files etc and also ensures smooth and effective collaboration on tasks between the Clients- and  the GROWSaaS-Team.

    GROWSaaS also invites  the client to join our exclusive Slack channel for real-time conversations, addressing inquiries, brainstorming ideas, discussing new tasks, and more, as required. Leveraging Slack enables us to maintain constant accessibility, ensuring that customers can always reach us when necessary.

    Additionally, for continued collaboration on documents, plans, spreadsheets, and other materials, our customers and clients are provided access to our Google Drive folder. This ensures that created content aligns with expectations and progresses in the right direction.


    From now on onwards, the client will  be always up to date on what GROWSaaS is working on, follow the progress and be able to communicate task and project based in one tool.  The amount of  calls or check ins needed, email follow up to be send is minimized to have more time to execute and get things done instead! No tasks will fall through the cracks. A 24h visibility is guaranteed and the client can provide feedback whenever a task is marked for review, done or can even create new tasks.

  • Depending on the booked package or service we arrange check ins with the client to monitor progress on agreed tasks and projects. Those frequent check ins are done  via video calls. Topics to be discussed are bottle necks or challenges, KPIs, ideas or new projects etc. rather updating on each others work or status updates to make effective use of the agreed  on time contingent. How  are we performing? Are we moving towards our goals and objectives? Those check ins are essential to ensure that the proect is  running  smoothly and that  we are on track.

  • Upon completion of a project, we transfer all created content and data to the client.

    Nothing is retained against the customer's wishes, adhering strictly to GDPR compliance. Rest assured, your data belongs to you.

Step by Step to Success


Collaborating with GrowSaaS has been an exceptional experience that embodies everything I seek in an agency partner - flexibility, expertise, and efficiency.

Oliver Fischer

Marketing Manager DACH

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