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SaaS Marketing Agency Services

From Strategy, to Lead Generation & Nurturing, to Performance- or Content-Marketing. We´ve got you covered.

Your B2B
SaaS Marketing Agency

Struggling to grow revenues or reach new markets? Struggling to generate more leads or qualified traffic?
Let GROWSaaS guide and lead you to success.

We are a SaaS Marketing Agency.

We GROW SaaS-Businesses.

Welcome to GROWSaaS.  We are a German based and globally active B2B SaaS Marketing Agency that specializes in providing comprehensive digital marketing solutions for SaaS aiming to expand and grow in new markets. We live and breath SaaS and understand the challenges and opportunities that come with entering new markets. We help companies like yours overcome barriers, build brand awareness & demand generation, and achieve unprecedented business growth with proven strategies . 

“GROWSaaS expertise in finding the right local opportunities, together with their proactive approach, made them a great partner for boosting our marketing efforts
in this region."



Hamutal Lazard

Senior User Acquisition Manager





“Working with GROWSaaS for the past year, supported us tremendously in increasing our brand awareness in the German market. Their expertise in finding the right local opportunities, together with their proactive approach, made them a great partner for boosting our marketing efforts in this region."

Management Team

Arno Schambach

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Patrick Wings

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Tomas Lehuha

Head of Technology

We are a one stop B2B SaaS Marketing Agency for all your needs with full flexbility in budget and execution. No hassle to deal with multiple vendors. Make your life easier, not more complicated.

One-Stop Agency

Access to an international SaaS-Expert team of 20+ from different areas of expertise in the SaaS-Industry speaking German, English, Spanish and French language.

20+ Experts

With more than 125 Years of collective experience and knowledge in the SaaS Industry you can tap into all this with just one agency. No juggling needed.

125+ Years

No time consuming hiring and managing of an in-house marketing team.  Outsource all your digital marketing needs to us.

One SaaS Agency for all your Needs

Digital Strategy Consulting for SaaS Innovators - Discover the breakthrough  insights that will take your business to new heights. Our experienced consultants will guide you through the digital landscape to help you optimize growth and achieve unprecedented success in your competitive marketplace.

Discover how our state-of-the-art lead generation services can drive growth for your B2B SaaS business and deliver a steady stream of high-quality prospects while you focus on what you do best. Gain a competitive edge in the marketplace and watch your business thrive with our proven strategies.

Turn prospects into profits.
Discover the secrets to sustainable growth and increase revenue with our expert Funnel Nurturing Services, tailored specifically for B2B SaaS companies. Discover how our proven strategies and personalized approach can turn your leads into loyal customers.

Discover how our cutting-edge marketing automation services can boost your MRR / ARR, optimize your marketing efforts, and outshine your competitors. Automate repetitive tasks, nurture leads with personalized campaigns, and unleash the full potential of your marketing strategy with our expert guidance.

Unleash the power of performance marketing - Discover how our expert performance marketing services can take your SaaS business to unprecedented heights. Increase conversions, maximize ROI, and dominate your market with our data-driven strategies and unmatched expertise.

Discover how our expert content marketing services can drive targeted traffic, generate high-quality leads, and fuel your business growth. Maximize your online presence and dominate your industry with our proven strategies and specialized content marketing solutions.

SaaS Digital Marketing Agency Services

From Strategy, to Lead Generation & Nurturing, to Performance- or Content-Marketing. We´ve got you covered.

What our Clients say

Read what  our Clients from all around the world have to say about working  with us.

"If you are looking for a SaaS-Marketing Agency, GROWSaaS are the Ones."


Jordan Wilson,  Director Digital Marketing, BanQu

Oliver Fischer

Marketing Manager DACH, Effectory

"Working with GrowSaaS is everything I look for in a good agency partner - flexible, informed and effective. Especially as a company where you have to try to achieve solid results quickly with just a few people in Germany, the agency is an indispensable partner and was quickly recognised as part of our marketing team. Arno and Patrick always respond to our requirements, draw up clear strategies and provide honest advice with a great deal of expertise - they don't just implement and bill, but deliver real added value, better than I have ever experienced in the SaaS environment."

Jordan Wilson

Director Digital Marketing, BanQu

“I can confidently say that GROWSaaS helped us to take our paid ads for both Google and LinkedIn to the next level. Patrick, Arno and their entire team have been the exact answer and help to what we were needing. I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a solid marketing agency, they can rely on at a reasonable market price and get also good quality work and content out if it. We would definitely recommend them. If you are looking for a marketing agency, GROWSaaS are the ones."

Claudia Mühlherr

Head of Marketing, PEAX

"Thanks to the collaboration with Arno & Patrick we skillfully bring the necessary power to the ground to captivate the Swiss market effectively for us. They can identify extremely well with our company and product, and due to their expertise and experience, they have become an essential part of our team."

Marcus Baur

CEO Goalscape

“The expertise from the GrowSaaS team is very valuable for us in developing and implementing a coherent digital marketing strategy across all web channels. With a willingness to go the extra mile, we have found the collaboration to be results-oriented and professional.”

Tobias Meixner

Co-Founder Hubql

"GROWSaaS provided us with excellent advice and supported us in crafting our very first international Go-to-Market Strategy. Arno, Patrick and their team are very knowledgeble and have a lot of experience in the SaaS industry. Working together with them was highly beneficial and super helpful. We can highly recommend their services to any other SaaS-Startup."

Brendan Dekker

Head of Marketing TimeChimp

"Arno and Patrick helped us drafting a market strategy for the DACH region. Both of them bring a lot of expertise in various fields and together we were able to quickly launch a digital marketing strategy and drive traffic to our website, resulting in numerous leads. Besides their expertise, we especially like their structured way of working and very good communication."

Ben Hodgson

Head of Marketing Prinoth

“Patrick and Arno were very knowledgeable about our use case and took a very structured approach to the implementation of the tasks. If the need arises, we will be happy to return to GROWSaaS' range of services.”

Anri Digholm

Managing Director Taskworld

"Patrick, Arno and the team did an incredible job supporting us in setting up our Europe HQ in Berlin, Germany, achieving a stunning new US 50k MRR in the DACH market within just 14 months and winning some amazing Fortune-500 clients."

Our FAQs

  • Depending on the scope of the collaboration (strategy development vs. implementation only), the minimum term is between three and six months. 

  • Yes, we are 100% GDPR compliant and all work is executed within the European Union.

  • We offer discounts on our daily rate depending on the duration of the contract and the scope of the monthly time quota. Please get in touch with our consultants (email or contact form). 

  • We tailor our services to the individual requirements of our customers. We provide a monthly time quota for the implementation of the services. Which services are implemented when on the timeline can be flexibly coordinated in micro management during ongoing collaborationm in order to meet the actual needs of our customers.